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Blondey's Challenge

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Blondey (aka Lu Lafrance) challenged us to come up with responses to:


If lawyers are disbarred and clergy people are defrocked, then why aren’t:

Electricians DElighted

Musicians DEnoted

Cowboys DEranged


She told us if we reached 50 she would bake a cake for us all !  


We're always looking for ways to have fun at Good Vibes.  Especially if it means we get a cake reward!  So it should be no surprise that not only did we come up with 50, we surpassed that number.  Enjoy!


If lawyers are disbarred and clergy people are defrocked, then why aren’t:


Electricians delighted

Musicians denoted

Cowboys deranged

Models deposed

Tree surgeons debarked

Dry cleaners depressed

Aroma therapists descented

Castel guards demoated (demoted)

Teachers degraded

Organ donors delivered

Prostitutes delayed

Composers decomposed

Kilt makers depleated (depleted)

Cosmetic surgeons defaced

Politicians devoted

Secret agents despiesed (despised)

Toothpick salesmen depickt (depict)

Septic tank cleaners deterred

Butchers deboned

Guitar players unstrung (doesn’t follow the rules, but…)

Employers deployed

Conducters deducted

Computer programmers deprogrammed

Poultry farmers deduckted (deducted)

Telemarketers delisted

Photocopiers and fraud artists deduped

Rioters demobbed

Podiatrists defeeted (defeated)

Lingerie salesladies debriefed

Celebrities defamed

Cows in labour decalfinated (decaffeinated)

Highway painters delineated

Grammar experts declined

Telegraphers decoded

Candle makers dewaxed

Trappers defurred (deferred)

Writers described

Tutors dementored (demented)

Tennis players deserved

Commercial artists designed

Banjo players detuned

Editors depenned (depend)

Tree farmers defoliated

Secretaries defiled

Electricians defused

Umpires deballed

Racehorses derided

Heart surgeons determined

Corral builders have no defence

Bakers defloured

Horse breeders desired

Pastry chefs desserted (deserted)

Farm hands destabilized

Ball players debased

Mountain climbers declined

Orgres demeaned

Exam monitors detested

Stock brokers devalued

Chicken farmers deboned

Niagara Falls tour boat operators demistified (demystified)

Air conditioning repairmen dehumidified

Retired pilots deplaned

Card sharks deduced (de-deuced)

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