The Working Group of Our Coffeehouse
Lu LaFrance
Katy Austin
John Walker
Brian Rawlins
Heather James and Gerald Boy
John Vella
And everyone else who wishes!!!

All help is welcome...

We try to run our coffeehouse by consensus where possible.

Good Vibes Coffee House -- An Open Stage In Mt. St. Louis, Ontario

Our Background

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Our Charter

We exist to keep the music alive...and the comedy...and the poetry.What a great place to hone your performing skills...complete sound system, wonderfully attentive audience, and best of all -- no hook! No auditions required -- show up, sign up, get up, live it up.

A typical sign-up board

Our History

Most of us who now frequent The Good Vibes Coffeehouse were devoted patrons of  another well-known Coffeehouse.  That coffeehouse went through various incarnations and, for various reasons, closed in March of 2002. Those of us who had become 'addicted' to our night out with each other couldn't stand the thought of sitting home alone, so we met and decided to carry on the tradition. We began in April of 2002 and will continue for as long as our strings stay in tune.