The Good Vibes Coffeehouse
Minutes - Sept. 14, 2002


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Sept. 14, 2002 Good Vibes meeting

Present Katy Austin, Stew Netherton, John Vella, Butch and Lu LaFrance, Sean McGaughey

* The Piano has been tuned and repaired for the benefit of the coffeehouse and the church.

* Suggestion Box

- There have been concerns that the sign-up board is not easily accessible. The tables have been re-arranged to make it more accessible.

- There have been some concerns about the behavior of children during the coffeehouse. We were reminded that we are a venue for the entire family, but parents must closely monitor their children, so the performers and audience are not unduly disturbed. Katy will prepare a toy bag and coloring supplies to be available for children at the coffeehouse. The host can remind audience that these activities are available.

* North Simcoe Paper-Lu has investigated advertising in the North Simcoe News and costs are prohibitive. They do not advertise ongoing events in their community-What's On section.

* Lu and Rick have prepared a poster advertising the coffeehouse to be available for loan to gigging musicians who would like to promote the coffeehouse at their other gigs.

*Format of Minutes- Minute Folder-kept near sign in desk. There was some discussion about the need to publish the detailed minutes on the website. It was decided that minutes will be published only in the minutes folder at the coffeehouse and available to anyone in attendance who requests them. The website will contain a regular news update of highlights of events and news at the coffeehouse.

*Financial Report-- Gross revenue approx.-- $150 nightly. Facility Donation to the church currently $100monthly. Kitchen expenses about $9.27 weekly.

- The sound system has been paid for in full $1713.33

- Bank Charges are $5.00/mo

- Our current balance is about $700. Currently our donations are meeting all our expenses with a 1 month reserve for facility donations.

*Increase in facility donations: It was resolved to increase the facility donation to $150/mo to more closely reflect the value of using the facility. 12.

*Stage lights-Butch installed a lighting Track in the ceiling, but it was incompatible with our current track lights. There may be new lights and tracks donated to the coffeehouse. Butch is working with the Church property Committee to see that these are installed.

*Photo Album-Sean will gather a photo album and supplies for the use of the coffeehouse. They will be available at the coffeehouse for any members who wish to contribute to a club photo-journal.


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