The Good Vibes Coffeehouse
Minutes - June 22, 2002


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Good Vibes Coffeehouse

Organizing Committee Meeting

All the minutes that are "fit to print"!

June 22, 2002


Members Present: Katie Austin, Stu Netherton, Lu LaFrance, John Vella, Sean McGaughey *recording minutes


* Advertising-- Katie will Contact Mike Jacobs (Springwater News) and ask him about his rates. Ask about possible article for the new coffeehouse.

Jon Vella has been in touch with Dan Buckley Re: Community announcements in Barrie Newspapers. Would they also appear in Midland Free Press- Orillia Packet

Lu investigated that a mailing could be placed in all Hillsdale Area mailboxes for $39.95 + tax-Requires 400 copies.

Go ahead Lu

* Coffee Chatter-make sure that it includes the word donation referring to refreshments.

* Agreement with church re: donation: The agreement with the church mentions that we give $100 monthly donation to the church. This is not rent.

* Mt. St. Louis Hall has passed a recent fire inspection. Rated for 59 people.

There is some news and some pictures on the website.

John will happily receive submissions of pictures or articles for the website.

* We have purchased a sound system for $ 1712. A member has loaned us the purchase cost and we are repaying the outstanding amount on a regular basis. We currently have $1298.23 outstanding. The system consists of Fender Passport 250, 2 DI-s, 5 microphones, various cables, and 3 mic stands and a music stand.

Our sound system will be lent out on an ad-hoc basis. A donation will be requested for paying gigs.

* Financial Report:

Stu: We have a book balance of $690.60

Outstanding debt $1298.23 (for sound equipment)

May Expenses: $415 on outstanding debt

$100 donation to church

June Expenses (Projected) $400 to outstanding debt

$100 to church

$11 for kitchen expenses

-- On average we get about $100 donations weekly.

Average weekly attendance about 20 people.

* John suggests a donation of $5.00 for a family with children: consensus.

* Membership: Discussion of instituting a membership . Reconsider in 6 months.

* Open discussion on the health of the coffeehouse:

* Average weekly attendance about 20 people

* After 2 months, the committee feels that Good Vibes is becoming well established.



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